• Our Max Guard is a  water-based sealer.  Specially formulated to provide maximum protection while repelling oil and water it  also goes on with little to no odor, so no heavy chemical smell.

  • Modern Stone’s Max Guard water based stone sealer is a premium product specially formulated to provide maximum stain protection  to a variety of stone surfaces while still allowing your stone to keep its natural beauty and appearance.

    Our stone sealer  allows for moisture vapor transmission and may also be used as a pre-grouting sealer.  It greatly reduces the time you will need to keep up your floor.


  • Travertine: 1500
    Limestone: 1500
    Marble: 1500
    Granite: N/A
    Slate: 900

  • Quartzite: 1000
    Sandstone: 500
    Flagstone: 500
    Terra Cotta: 600

  • Saltillo Tile: 600
    Grout: 2000
    Brick/Masonry: 500
    Concrete: 500