• Modern Stone’s Barrier EXT is a highly durable, chemically resistant, film forming sealer designed for use on exterior and interior stone and masonry surfaces. 

  • Barrier EXT’s UV resistant formula will not yellow or cloud over time and will strongly resist the harsh effects of outdoor weathering. Its water-based, satin finish requires minimal coats in order to impart extreme strength and beauty to a substrate’s surface. Barrier EXT is also an excellent choice for indoor applications that endure significant wear. Use on slate, saltillo, terra cotta, concrete/masonry, sandstone, tumbled marble, quartzite and other porous substrates where a gloss finish is desired.

  • COVERAGE CHART: Approximate square foot coverages for the typical job, per gallon.
  • Travertine: *900
    Limestone: *900
    Marble: *900
    Granite: 800
    Slate: 700

  • Quartzite: 900
    Sandstone: 250
    Flagstone: 250
    Terra Cotta: 300

  • Saltillo Tile: 300
    Grout: N/A
    Brick/Masonry: 250 
    Concrete: 250

  • * Tumbled ONLY