• Testimonials

  • We first learned about Modern Stone when we lived in Arizona and had our tile professionally cleaned and sealed. After moving to Texas and finding the grout in our new home's floors had faded in spots and was stained in others, I knew that Modern Stone was exactly what we needed to make everything look brand new. I appreciated that the company was willing to let me trade my first color choice, which turned out to be too light, for exactly the right shade. I would definitely recommend Modern Stone.

    Highly Recommended Kellie Franklin

  • We used the colored grout paint and sealer on our tile floor and we are amazed at the results. The tile is about 10 years old and the grout was terrible. We went with a darker shade of color for the color and we love it. It took us about 2 days to do the entire floor and reseal it, but results are great. So much cheaper than a new floor.

    Cheaper than a new floor! Connie M.

  • I really can't say enough about this company. The customer service was beyond anything I have experienced before, they were so accommodating and kind I wanted to rip up all my floors and put tile in just to deal with these guys! We had hired someone to put a wood tile bathroom floor down, when he grouted it he used too much water and the grout turned out way lighter than it was supposed to (should have been DARK BROWN). Looked like I had white lines on a dark wood floor. I ordered on line (a dye) from This Old Grout the same name of the grout I used, when I received it, it was not right, so I called. I don't remember who I spoke with but when I told him the color and manufacturer he not only tried to match the manufacturers color he even thought they might make a batch JUST FOR ME! I said WHAT? Your kidding right? He was not and said he would call me back in a day and see what he came up with. Anyway he ended up sending me some samples to try, found what I was looking for and they shipped the dye out next day! THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! My floor is beautiful! So nice to actually have true customer service, I feel like most businesses have lost that these days.

    Absolutely Fabulous C.F.

  • We have used muriatic acid in the past to clean bad grout - or just scrape it all and start over. This product gives us better results with far less effort - not to mention toxicity! I have already recommended this to a lot of people and will continue to do so. Actually, I need to order some to use in my own home.

    Great Results Scherer Z.

  • Modern Stone was timely in terms of the product delivery--and the product worked as advertised. I bought various grout stain colors and I will use the company again when I need to stain more grout.

    On-Time George H.