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    Modern Home's Resilience Granite Sealer is a deep penetrating and high performing sealer and protector for granite, marble, Travertine and other stone surfaces. It's unique micro-emulsion formula protects the stone's surface from dirt and spills that could otherwise blemish the beauty of your valuable surfaces. Water-based and low VOC's, Resilience's eco-friendly formula will work hard to protect your investment for years to come.

    Directions For Use:
    Clean stone or quartz surface thoroughly prior to sealing. Spray surface to be protected evenly with Resilience. You may spread product over surface with a non-absorbent application such as a paint pad, microfiber pad or lambs wool pad. Allow sealer to dwell up to 20 minutes on surface, but do not allow to dry. Once drying is observed, wipe excess away with an absorbent towel. Keep surface dry for a minimum of 24 hours Use gloves when applying. Ensure proper ventilation during process. Always test in an inconspicuous area to determine effectiveness prior to use. Do not dilute.

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