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    Modern Home's Radiance Counter Polish delivers a quick and lustrous shine on counter tops and other hard surfaces. Add extra shine to your granite, marble, quartz, tile, and other high polished surfaces.

    This high performing polish is easy to apply – simply spray, buff and enjoy. Radiance contains no harsh chemicals, is non-acidic, and biodegradable. And as always with Modern Home's care products, Radiance is specifically designed with the environment in mind.

    Directions For Use:
    Clean stone or resin composite surface thoroughly before polishing with Fusion multi-surface cleaner. Adjust Radiance nozzle setting to spray. Spray counter surface evenly, covering entire surface. Lightly wipe over surface, spreading out polish with a terry or paper towel. Use a microfiber towel to begin polishing in Radiance spray in a circular motion. Buff polish until dry and a high shine appears. Do not spray Radiance on floors or surface that will experience foot traffic. Always test in an inconspicuous area to determine effectiveness prior to use. Do not dilute.

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