• At Modern Stone we are constantly striving to improve our products and technology in order to bring you the best solutions for your natural stone, tile and grout surfaces. We tirelessly research solutions directly from the field, working with key customers to get direct feed back on what works and what doesn’t.

    Barricade Sheen

    A topical that breathes? Another reason Modern Stone is leading the way in the hard surface industry. Barricade Sheen solves the common problems caused by applying a topical to outdoor stone and masonry surfaces. This highly chemically resistant sealer is designed to strongly bond to varied types of surfaces and create a hard, abrasion resistant layer of protection. Though extremely strong and highly UV resistant, Barricade Sheen's true innovation lies in its ability to repel dirt and stains while still allowing the transmission of water vapor – in other words, allowing the substrate to breathe! Now you can protect your outdoor surfaces from the harsh effects of weathering without causing spalling within the interior of the stone or delamination of the topical layer. Barricade Sheen is an excellent choice for indoor surfaces where strength and chemical resistance is required.

    Tech Seal

    Tech Seal is a major break though in advanced micro emulsion penetrating sealers. We created the first low-odor solvent-based sealer that outperforms the competition in protection and longevity. Our unique solvent blend is applied easily evaporates quickly, unlike other competitors solvent-based products which take extended periods to dry and are difficult to clean up. Tech Seal also meets the VOC standards set forth by the EPA.

    Max Guard

    Max Guard’s water-based penetrating sealer has become a new classification in micro sealing technology. Our customers told us what they needed, and we accommodated. The result was one of the first water-based sealer that performs equally as well as it’s solvent counterpart, without some of the other inherent problems that other water-based sealers can cause like efflorescence and lower penetration.


    Another first in the stone industry – a sealer designed to protect against the harsh outdoor environment. While the rest of the industry provided sealers design for mainly indoor use as an answer to protection from the elements, Modern Stone went directly to the architectural preservation industry to find its answers – our result was a sealer like no other that provides deep protection for both concrete, masonry, and natural stone. Preserve also strongly resists damage associated with salt water pools.

    Reveal & Seal

    Our contractors told us they needed a penetrating sealer that provides deep enhancement without the application difficulties that other competitors solvents can cause. The final outcome was a deep enhancer that’s easy to apply and simple to clean up.

    Color Sealer

    As groundbreaking of a product today as it was in 1993. For over 17 years, Modern Stone’s Grout Color Sealer has been the choice for home owners, contractors and commercial facilities around the world. This unique product provides two solutions in one bottle; bringing grout back to a new appearance while repelling future stains and dirt. The average lifespan of the our Grout Color Sealer in residential homes is 10 to 15 years when maintained properly. This pigmented sealer is and is offered in most of the major grout manufacturer’s colors so you can choose to match your existing grout color or transform it into a completely new look that reflects today’s trends. Modern Stone’ s color sealer is also the most widely used solution for commercial grout problems around the world.

    Ultra Clean

    Introducing one of Modern Stone’s first innovations that has stood the test of time, Ultra Clean. For over 15 years, this powerful high alkaline cleaner has earned the reputation as being one of the most effective degreasers and strippers available today. Ultra Clean’s concentrated formula can solve almost any cleaning challenge from simple dirt and grime to the stripping of acrylic and wax finishes when used in full concentration.

    Modern Clean

    Strong but Safe? That was the idea when we designed Modern Clean. This cleaner is highly effective for every type of surface including stone, tile, grout and concrete. Modern Clean cleans deeply without any potential of damaging more sensitive natural stone surfaces. It also works as a top notch stripper of over-sealed floors. Find out why Modern Clean is the go-to cleaner for thousands of stone and tile professionals.


    We wanted to design a topical stripper that was effective at removing most types of finishes, while being safer to handle and absent of the harsh odors of most other strippers. Scorch is truly a highly effective coating remove that you can work with.


    We changed all the rules when it comes to cleaning tile and grout surfaces. Revive is a acid replacement cleaner designed to deeply clean ceramic and porcelain tile and grout while being safer to handle than traditional acid cleaners. In addition to this, it also will not damage stainless steel, chrome or brass if splashed on its surface. Just rinse Revive off the metal surface, and continue cleaning – It’s that simple.