Modern Home's Fusion muti-surface and glass cleaner is an effective and safe way to cut through dirt, grease and other everyday soiling. Fusion is designed with high performing cleaning agents to break down and lift away dirt and stains. Its effective yet gentle formula is safe to use on most surfaces such as granite, marble, tile, grout, Corian, quartz, Formica, plastics and many other hard surfaces.

    Fusion even works well on glass and stainless steel. And as always with Modern Home care products, Fusion is designed with the environment in mind.

    Directions For Use:
    Hard Surfaces
    Adjust spray nozzle to desired setting ; spray or stream. Spray 6 to 8 inches from surface. Spray Fusion directly on on soils and wipe  clean with paper towel, sponge or terry towel. For heavier soiling, allow to dwell for up to 5 minutes. Repeat process if necessary for stubborn spills.

    Glass And Mirrors
    For general cleaning, spray on and wipe clean. Allow Fusion to dwell when tougher soiling is present. Best results are obtained with the use of a microfiber towel. Always use Fusion at full strength. Do not dilute.

    Not recommended for fabric, leather, or carpet. Always test in an inconspicuous area before cleaning.

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