Training Program

Though Modern Stone’s commercial process is not overly complicated and does not require any type of certification of franchise commitment, many of our commercial customers have benefited from the on-site training offered with one of our expert staff.

You and your staff will learn the process and techniques at a faster pace than if pursued on you own. The cost of training and related travel expenses are usually recovered on the very first job.

Training Benefits

  • With On-Site Training, you choose the time and the place, and we’ll be there with a intense, hands-on learning program tailored to your organization’s unique needs.
  • You will benefit by a greater number of employees trained in new skills in a minimal amount of time, saving your company time and expense.
  • Your employees and managers will receive the same instruction at the same time, creating synergy to the learning experience. Group training also allows your employees to benefit from the “learning mistakes” of their co-workers.
  • Our training program is tailored to your companies specific needs by evaluating your organization’s skills and practices, making recommendations for improvement.
  • On-site training not only improves your employees’ skills, it inspires them to pull together as a team and creates a greater sense of job satisfaction.
  • All our programs are tailored to your specific needs by evaluating your organization’s skills and practices, and making recommendations for improvement.
  • You and your staff will learn from expert individuals with years of knowledge and experience.

If on-site training is an option that makes sense for your company, contact us today.