Modern Stone Technologies guarantee’s that our color sealer will perform as designed, bond and protect sanded grout in a commercial environment for a period of three years without substantive failure provided:

  • The grout has been properly cleaned and prepared in accordance with the process approved by modern Stone prior to applying the grout colorant.
  • The color sealer is allowed to properly cure in accordance with the process approved by modern Stone.
  • The grout is properly maintained or a regular basis in accordance with the process approved by Modern Stone.
    • This guarantee excludes areas that:

    • Have been cleaned with strong alkaline or acidic products after application of color sealer
    • Areas where the grout is higher than the surrounding tile
    • Have not been maintained on a weekly basis with mild cleansers to remove dirt build up
    • Have been steam cleaned
    • Have receive strong physical abrasion
    • Are maintained with any high pressure or abrasive cleaning equipment

Modern Stone defines substantive product failure as:

Bonding failure of the color sealer to sanded grout in an area larger than 10% of the total square footage where applied by a properly trained application company.