Resilience preserves and protects natural stone counter tops. In an quick and easy to use trigger spray bottle, Modern Stone’s Resilience gives maximum surface protection, penetrating the stone surfaces to provide superior, long-lasting resistance to oil and water based staining.


Ready-To-Use Counter Top CleanerCOUNTER TOP CLEANER
Modern Stone’s Fusion is a pH neutral, streak free cleaner that is safe for all types of natural stone, tile and grout surfaces. Effective for counter tops, backsplashes and shower walls. Pleasant clean scent. Easy to use trigger bottle applicator.


Ready-To-Use Counter Top PolisherCOUNTER TOP POLISH
Modern Stone’s Radiance adds an immediate and radiant shine to polished natural stone. Its quick drying formula leaves a residue free, shiny surface. Use periodically to maintain the glorious look of natural stone. Great for counter tops, backsplashes and shower walls. Available in an easy to use trigger bottle applicator.


Release - Pre-Grouting SealerPRE-GROUTING SEALER

Modern Stone’s Release is a fast drying, water based silicone solution used to pre-treat natural stone and masonry prior to grouting. Release eases grout clean up and reduces the potential for grout staining during installation. Release can be used on indoor and outdoor installations. Release can be used on marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, quartzite, and sandstone, unglazed tile, pavers, brick and masonry.