Max Guard

Max Guard - Premium Penetrating Sealer

Max Guard

Our Max Guard is a  water-based sealer.  Specially formulated to provide maximum protection while repelling oil and water it  also goes on with little to no odor, so no heavy chemical smell.

Modern Stone’s Max Guard water based stone sealer is a premium product specially formulated to provide maximum stain protection  to a variety of stone surfaces while still allowing your stone to keep its natural beauty and appearance.

Our stone sealer  allows for moisture vapor transmission and may also be used as a pre-grouting sealer.  It greatly reduces the time you will need to keep up your floor.

Use on marble, granite, limestone, travertine, concrete/masonry, saltillo tile, clay tile, stucco, terrazzo, and grout. Test in an inconspicuous area and allow 24 hours to cure to determine ease of application and desired results.

If you’re buying Max Guard Water, make sure to also buy some Tech Seal too.

To see how Max Guard Water stacks up against the competition click here for the NATCO standard based sealer test results PDF (3.27 MB).

COVERAGE CHART: Approximate square foot coverages for the typical job, per gallon.
Travertine: 1500
Limestone: 1500
Marble: 1500
Granite: N/A
Slate: 900
Quartzite: 1000
Sandstone: 500
Flagstone: 500
Terra Cotta: 600
Saltillo Tile: 600
Grout: 2000
Brick/Masonry: 500
Concrete: 500
*Two coats are assumed for substrates were two coats are typical, and are factored in. As with any job dealing with natural stone varied results can be expected.