Modern Clean

Modern Clean - Safe For Natural Stone Alkaline CleanerMULTI-SURFACE DEGREASER
Modern Stone’s Modern Clean is a professional alkaline based cleaner specially formulated to be aggressive yet safe on all types of surfaces such as natural stone, concrete/masonry, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and grout.



Modern Stone’s Balance is a super-concentrated phosphate-free cleaner formulated for everyday use. Use on glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, including porcelain tile, quarry tile, sealed terra cotta and adobe tile, natural stone and grout.

Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean - High Alkaline Cleaner/StripperAGGRESSIVE DEGREASER

Modern Stone’s Ultra Clean removes years of dirt and stains from neglected tile and grout surfaces. This concentrated, high alkaline cleaner/stripper is a specially formulated to cut through grease, oil based dirt and many synthetic finishes.


Revive - Acidic Cleaner Safe For Use Around Stainless SteelACID REPLACEMENT CLEANER

Modern Stone’s Revive is an acid replacement technology cleaner designed to etch grout, remove grout and mortar smears, mineral deposits and rust stains. Revive is specially formulated to be highly effective with additional handling and safety benefits when compared to traditional acid-based cleaners. Revive’s breakthrough formulation is highly resistant against damaging stainless steel, chrome or brass. Read Testimonial

Easy Etch

Easy Etch - High Acidic CleanerACID BASED CLEANER

Modern Stone’s Easy Etch removes grout and mortar smears, mineral deposits and rust stains. This industrial strength concentrated acid based cleaner is specially formulated to etch grout to bond with Modern Stone’s Stain Sealer. This product is not for use on natural stone surfaces such as flagstone, marble, travertine, limestone or any other acid sensitive surface. A pre-test for resistance should be performed prior to use.


Scorch - Acrylic StripperFAST ACTING STRIPPER
Modern Stone’s Scorch is a high performing, multi-use sealer and coating remover. Scorch’s unique formula utilizes a blend of proprietary additives which provide fast and effective results. This aggressive stripper will remove most acrylic, urethane, and synthetic finishes as well as adhesives, paints and grout haze.