Honing Powders


Modern Stone’s Honing Powders are specifically designed to bring back an even look to most types of marble, travertine and limestone. Their non-acidic formula is made with the highest purity available to remove scratches and heavy wear. Excellent for use on uneven surfaces where diamonds are not an option.

Polishing Powders Jazz


Modern Stone’s Jazz is a mildly acidic polishing powder for use on most types of marble, travertine and limestone. Easy to use, Jazz creates and restores a vibrant glow back to stone surfaces.

Polishing Powders Outshine


Modern Stone’s Outshine is an non-acid based polishing powder designed to bring back the deep reflective shine to marble surfaces. Outshine can also be used to remove light etch marks while providing a high quality shine without the use of diamond abrasives.

Polishing Powders Granite Glow

Polishing PowdersNON-ACIDIC POLISHING POWDER (Light & Dark)

Modern Stone’s Granite Glow polishing powders are specifically designed to bring back a high shine to granite surfaces. Formulated in dark & light for dark or light granites.

Evolution Polishing Pads

Stone restoration has evolved. From the leader in the natural stone restoration industry, Modern Stone brings another innovative solution to stone restoration with the Evolution pad. Unlike other pads that were made to lightly buff or clean, the Evolution pads offer today’s professional full restoration capabilities from scratches to polish in one simple system.

Vortex Diamonds

Vortex Diamonds

When you are striving to produce the highest quality finish, our diamonds will not let you down. Designed with a proprietary resin bond, you will achiever high longevity and deeper clarity than any other choice on the market. Whether it be marble, granite or limestone, we’ll have a diamond system the will bring the results you need every time.