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Earn Higher Profits Offering A Service Your Competition Is Too Afraid To Do!

If you’re reading this, and you’re in the cleaning industry, congratulations on surviving our “new economy”. You’ve likely had to change the way you do business to survive the rough economic times of the last few years. High competition and low profit margins in carpet and tile cleaning have forced out many companies that didn’t have a good handle on their business and it’s made it even tougher to survive these days. Learning stone restoration can give you the edge over your competition.

What Happened To The Good Ol’ Days?

In today’s economic climate, you’re competing more on price than ever before. In order to survive, the flooring professional can’t continue to run their business the way they used to. It will take investment What if you could turn on a whole new revenue stream for your business that focused on restoration services your average competitor doesn’t provide? What if this new service could allow you to thrive instead of just survive?

See, there’s still a segment of the cleaning and restoration niche businesses that is quietly raking in profits from services that most other contractors simply won’t offer due a lack of knowledge and the confidence to deliver the proper result.

This segment caters a higher end customer that’s not afraid to spend money protecting their investment; the type of client that puts a premium on quality workmanship. If you’re ready to claim your share of this profitable market, it’s time to add natural stone care and maintenance to your list of services.

But what stops you? Is natural stone care too difficult? Too Risky? It doesn’t have to be and with the right training and basic understanding of the proper restoration process, you can quickly and easily tap into this lucrative niche service too.

Education and A Proven System

Perhaps the most important part of becoming an expert in any field is gaining knowledge. This knowledge can be achieved through struggle, trial and error or by training and duplicating a proven process. Successful stone restoration companies all possess specialized knowledge. The experts at Modern Stone come from a service background, so we understand exactly what a contractor needs to know in the field to be successful.

Modern Stone has trained hundreds of contractors world-wide on how to very simply integrate natural stone restoration into their business. Our innovative products, time tested techniques and expert support make it drop dead simple for you to succeed.

Some of the benefits of this training course are:

Learn at Your Own Pace

This in-depth and detailed video training course allows you to take the time necessary to educate yourself in your own time frame. Unlike some book with just pictures, or one day courses, with our on-line training program, you can take as much time as you need and revisit any section as often as you need in order to be comfortable with the skills you have learned.

Cutting Edge Techniques

We’ll show you how to perform twice as much work in half the time as your competitors. As a product manufacturer, we have been able to develop products and new techniques that are tailored to the stone restoration industry. Working with key customers in the field for the last 20 years and combining our own experience running a successful multiple crew floor restoration company, we have developed system unlike any other. Increase your profits and learn a process that is proven.

Support Behind The System

Your only a phone call away from a support staff with years of flooring restoration experience under them to help guide you through the learning process. Feel confident in starting your stone restoration business because we’re right there with you.

So if you are ready to transform your business into one that never has to advertise and that stays busy year round no matter what the economy, take this online video course now. Start on the path of building a reputation as a true artisan in the natural stone world. The skills you learn from this in-depth program will help separate you from your competition and increase your bottom line profitability. Don’t put it off any longer, right from your home or office you can learn the insider techniques that will truly give you the skills to be the top in your trade.




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