Platinum Pro

Join an elite group of industry professionals dedicated to a higher level of service by becoming a part of the Platinum Pro Network. This program is designed to increase your business through lead generation websites, increase your technical abilities with monthly skills training videos , and teach you how to out market your competition with sales training.

Sales Lead Generation Program

The only manufacturer who brings business to you! Through a targeted website marketing approach, we’ll begin building an on-line presence in your market that will help get your phone ringing. These effective and lasting SEO techniques will help get you found by your customers.

10% Product Discount

Saving you more with every order. Now you no longer have to wait for . Modern Stone helps you go farther.

Free Ground Shipping

Orders of $100 or more. (Excludes large equipment orders)

Monthly Skills Training Videos

Continue your education every month with insider training not found in the video course. You will learn money saving techniques and new skills as the industry advances.

5 Year Manufacturer Backed Color Sealer Warranty

You can confidently offer your customers the best product back by the only manufacturer’s warranty which will cover any product and compensation for your time.

Insider Marketing Techniques

Learn how to build your business step by step from a company who has done it themselves. You have monthly videos on sales techniques and networking programs that actually work. Plus, topics covering managing a crew effectively, how to hire and retain lifelong employees, learning how to make your business work for you and many more important topics.


  • $500 Product Credit Deposit
  • $0 Monthly Fee
  • $5000 Annual Product Volume

  • $100 Two Month Pre-payment
  • $50 Monthly Fee
  • $2500 Annual Product Volume

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential sales lead generation of the Platinum Pro program, however there is no guarantee that your business will increase from this effort. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our products, ideas, techniques and the effort they put forth.

The Platinum Pro Program is designed to be a long term program to help increase a contractor’s business growth. An individual’s success in attaining the results claimed in our materials or made by an employee of Modern Stone depends on the time devoted, implementation of the ideas and techniques taught, and the development of various skills. Since these factors differ according to each individual, we cannot guarantee your success or the level by which your business will increase.

Enrollee’s may cancel their participation of the program at any time if not satisfied with the results. All training, marketing materials and websites are the property of Modern Stone Technologies and Integrated Marketing Solutions, who solely own the rights of their use.



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