Outdoor Protection


Clean the surface being treated with a cleaner safe for natural stone such as Modern Stone’s Modern Clean


Apply Modern Stone’s Preserve with a low pressure sprayer or non-absorbent roller

*Make sure to remove any excess sealer not absorbed in to substrate

Restore, Protect and Preserve your Stone and Masonry!

Modern Stone’s Preserve is specifically designed for harsh outdoor environments that can attack and degrade natural stone, concrete and masonry. It’s natural look, co-polymer formula, will provide maximum protection from elements like salt, acid rain, ultra violet sunlight, chloride ion, and high alkali soils. These degrading influences can penetrate and damage natural stone, cement or masonry without proper protection. Preserve’s unique chemistry actually strengthens and seals the entire stone, or masonry surface, locking in its beauty for years to come. It is highly effective for use around salt water pools.

Sealing the Sufrace Just Isn’t Enough!

In the outdoor environment, sealing just the top of stone or concrete will not properly ensure any long-term protection from the degrading effects they can be subject to. Most outdoor stones and concrete decks are poured or laid right on top of existing dirt without any type of barrier. This application subjects them to many intrusions that come directly for the soil itself, which often are quite aggressive.

How Does Preserve Work?

The secret is in the way Preserve works with your stone or masonry surfaces. It penetrates and reacts organically with the substrate to form a barrier deep within that will protect the entire stone or concrete material. This barrier, while allowing the stone to continue to breathe, resists the harmful intrusions that if left unchecked, could permanently damage the stone, concrete or masonry decks.

Our simple guide will help walk you through the cleaning, sealing, and protection of your stone or masonry surface.