Is Your Website Targeting the RIGHT keywords?

The Google keyword tool provides data on the average monthly number of searches for keyword people use on their search engine. This is quite useful when identifying what keyword searches to optimize your website for. Keyword and niche research is the key to success for your marketing efforts, so it’s very important to get the right keywords. Targeting the wrong keywords equals wasted effort, simple as that.
For example, the Google keyword tool provides data on the average monthly number of searches for “tile cleaning”…1600. So 1600 people are searching for tile cleaning each month in the U.S.…sounds like a good keyword to target right? The keyword is quite competitive…but let’s step back a moment and think about this.

When people search online, they are typically looking to solve a problem. Providing the solution to the problem right when a searcher is looking gives you a huge leg up. People with a dirty tile floor could just as easily search for “how to clean grout”…a MUCH LESS competitive term to rank in the search results for with an average number of people searching monthly of 5400…THREE TIMES THE NUMBER SEARCHING FOR TILE CLEANING.

Now, one could argue that someone searching for how to clean grout is looking for a do it yourself solution…but provided with the truth about how affordable your services are, how beautiful their grout will look when you’re finished, how satisfied your clients are, and how happy they’ll be with the same day transformation, many people will pick up the phone and schedule a bid.
Less competitive keyword with 3 times the search volume=hidden gem.

Google says they will replace Google Keyword Tool with a new product that will be tied in with your Google account and will only be available to approved adsense and adwords clients.
Now that Google Keyword Tool is being replaced, how are you to be assured of finding relevant keywords that people are actually looking for? Call Ken for 5 free sources.

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