Indroducing: Evolution Polishing Pads

Evolution Polishing Pads

Stone restoration has evolved. From the leader in the natural stone restoration industry, Modern Stone brings another innovative solution to stone restoration with the Evolution pad. Unlike other pads that were made to lightly buff or clean, the Evolution pads offer today’s professional full restoration capabilities from scratches to polish in one simple system.

The longest lasting pad in the industry. The Evolution pad contains the highest levels of true diamond abrasives, therefore providing up to three times the wear of other competitive products while delivering a higher quality result.

One pad that can be used WET or DRY. The Evolution pad is the only pad on the market which can be used with little or no water when restoring a natural stone, terrazzo or concrete surfaces.

Available in five different grits. Whether it’s a one step polish, or a full restoration project, the Evolution pads offer a full range of options for the flooring professional.

A flexible design. The Evolution pad can follow a floor’s contours better in order to reach high and low spots on uneven floors. Simple rinse when done and it’s ready for the next job.

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