Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to seal my natural stone?

It is recommended to seal you stone and grout to help protect against spills and etching. Stains can absorb quickly into porous surfaces, and penetrating sealers like Tech Seal will create a barrier to resist tile and grout staining and preserve the beauty of your surfaces.

How often do I need to seal my natural stone?

Reapplication of sealer to your surface can depend on many factors such as cleaning methods and level of foot traffic. Generally, a quality penetrating sealer like Max Guard should last from between 2 to 10 years. Properly maintaining the surface is important to its longevity.

What does a penetrating sealer actually do?

Quality penetrating sealers like Tech Seal or Select Seal provide strong resistance against dirt and spills and allow for extended time to clean them up. Penetrating sealers also make stone and grout surfaces easier to clean. Modern Stone utilizes the most advanced chemistry in the production of its sealers to give you assurance that your surfaces will be protected.


How can I determine if my stone is sensitive to acids?

Stones that are calcium carbonate based such as travertine and limestone are susceptible to damage from acids that are present in foods like soda, ketchup, mustard and many others. Simple put a few drops of lemon juice or carbonated soda in an inconspicuous area and allow to dwell for a few minutes. Once removed, if a dull spot appears that will not clean up, your stone can be damaged by acids.

How can I tell if my tile or grout has been previously sealed?

Simply apply some water droplets to the stone or grout and allow it to dwell. After a few minutes, wipe up the water. If a dark spot appears where the water was, it is an indication that the stone or grout is porous and requires sealing with Tech Seal or Select Seal for natural stone and Grout Sealer Pro for porcelain or ceramic tile grout, for maximum protection on porcelain or ceramic tile groutColor Sealer is highly recommended.

I have granite countertops, should I seal them?

Yes. Though many types of granite have a very low porosity level, others do not. We recommend sealing granite surfaces with Tech Seal for maximum penetration. The sealer will help protect your granite and make it easier to clean.

If my grout has been previous sealed, can I still apply your color sealer?

No. Modern Stone’s Color Sealer requires the surface of the grout to from any dirt or sealer that will prevent it from penetrating and bonding with the grout. If a sealer is present, use Easy Etch or Revive on ceramic or porcelain tile grout and Modern Clean on natural stone grout to remove the sealer, then re-seal with Max Guard.

Should I clean my floor with products that add a shine?

No. These types of products generally have a wax added to their formula that, after along period of build-up, can actually make a floor look dull and actually attract dirt. Use Modern Stone’s Balance to keep your stone, tile and grout looking clean and new.

My grout has become uneven in color, what can I do?

Old grout, and sometime even new grout, can become uneven looking or simply lose much of their original color over time. Modern Stone Technologies Color Sealer is a revolutionary product that will transform old grout back to new and make it virtually stain proof.

My natural stone floor has become dull even after I clean it, what can I do?

Modern’s Stones Jazz and Outshine are polishing powders specifically designed to bring back the shine to dull marble, travertine and limestone floors. This process involves utilizing a heavy duty floor machine and should be I want to give a quick shine to my stone countertop, do you have any products that can help?

Yes. Our unique product Radiance will give your countertop a high and beautiful shine. It applies easily, and can last up to a few months before re-application is needed. Radiance also provides some extra protection against spills.

We just re-modeled our backyard with beautiful natural stone, do you have a sealer that can protect it?

Yes. Our Preserve, available in both solvent and water-based formulas, was specifically designed to deeply penetrate and protect your stone from the damaging effects of the elements such as UV, acid rain, wind, high alkaline soils, efflorescence and micro organisms.

I have a salt water pool system, and I’m concerned about salt on my natural stone deck. How can I protect it?

Use Modern Stone’s Preserve to protect you stone or masonry from the damaging effects that a salt pool can create. Preserve’s special formula strengthens the surface, rendering it less susceptible to breakdown and erosion for 10 -15 years. For more information see our outdoor protection page.

Are topical, shiny sealers OK to use on my outdoor stone?

No. While topical sealer like Modern Stone’s Shine & Seal are excellent at protecting indoor surfaces like slate and Saltillo tile, topical sealers used outdoors closes off the stone or masonry’s surface, preventing the release of water vapor at the surface, which could eventually lead to popping of the sealer or spalling within the stone. Only use Preserve to protect your outdoor stone and masonry.