Create Demand For Your Services

Express the importance of booking early, due to your extremely busy schedule. Like a restaurant that is always busy, this method unconsciously communicates quality and success. Use this method religiously, and you just may find your customers fighting for your slots.

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to share an interesting conversation my wife and I had recently over our morning coffee. She is a personal trainer at a nearby gym and just happens to be their number one trainer throughout their facilities here in Arizona. One of her colleagues had asked how she is able to book clients months in advance while he is only able to schedule week to week.

My wife went on to explain that first and foremost, she values her time as well as the valuable time of her busy clients. Therefore, she makes it a point to recommend they work together to lock in appointment times on a three month schedule. This would insure against any future loss of open slot times to other clients. She started this process about two years ago and now she is so busy that she can’t take on any new clients. It’s the same type of reaction we have when we walk up to a restaurant on a Tuesday, where all of the tables are full and there is a six person line – the food must be good!

As I listened, I considered how we could capitalize on this type of planning in our industry. Whether the service is tile and grout cleaning or carpet — or both, you could utilize this strategy in your business to increase your sales for the new year. Remember, the most often overlooked or unrealized new business potential is the established relationships we already have
with our customer base.

I recommend calling or e-mailing your existing customer base now to stress that you want to give your previous customers the first opportunity to schedule with your company before there aren’t any slots left. You will be making a contact that has perceived value to your customers by giving them the first opportunity to schedule with you. This strategy will also convey that your company is very busy and in high demand.. If you like, you can tie this into specials, but don’t make the call about the discount, instead make it about the relationship.

Lets review the benefits of this strategy:

  • Continual contact with customers
  • Offering value
  • Expressing gratitude for their business
  • Building perceived value of your service

The other lesson I hope you will take away from this recommendation is:
Listen to your significant other…..It makes your life brighter!

Nelson Keimer
Success doesn’t just happen by accident.

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