The Process

Modern Stone’s Commercial Restoration Process involves a specially developed set of techniques designed to restore commercial tile and grout to a better than new condition. Highly effective cleaning agents, a proprietary sealing product, and unique application and finishing procedures allow the professional commercial contractor the ability to add a profitable service to their business while exceeding the facilities expectations. The process is very intuitive and does not involve waiting for multi-step topical coatings to cure before applying.

CASE STUDY : Praxair building

Restoration of facilities restrooms was needed after years of improper care and dirt build-up. Modern Stone’s commercial restoration process was specified in order to renew the tile floors and grout.

Room size: Approximately 300 sq. ft

Tile size: 1” x1” tiles

Total man hours: 10 (2 employees, 5 hours)

The tile and grout floors are first cleaned with an aggressive cleaning process, removing dirt and debris while prepping the grout for the sealing process.

The loosened dirt is extracted, giving the floor a much improved appearance. It is apparent that the regular maintenance cleaning performed by the in house staff was insufficient.

Once the tile and grout is dry(30 minutes), Modern’s Stones Commercial Grout Sealer and colorant is applied in sections at a time to the grout.

The Commercial sealant is spread into the grout where it can begin to chemically bond with the grout while restoring its color to new.

After setting, the excess color sealer is “cut” from the surface of the tile. This process further cleans the tile and improves its appearance.

The final result is a completely restores commercial tile floor that will now resist the growth of mold and mildew and be easier to maintain. The overall health of the facilities restrooms has been greatly improved and will contribute to the future success of the business.