Are Your Color Charts Up To Date? Discontinued Color Blow-Out

Save big on discontinued colors: With a few of the major grout manufacturers updating their color charts this year Modern Stone has updated our charts as well. We are blowing out the discontinued colors at 50% off! Please note that the following manufacturers are the only colors we will stock: Custom Polyblend, Laticrete, C-Cure, TEC, Mapai, and Hydroment. For a full list of current & discontinued colors click here (colors will be removed from the list when they are gone). Special lasts while supplies last. To place your order for our discontinued blow out colors call 866-868-0810.

The Benefits Of An Outdoor Sealer

Often times, I will have a contractor or homeowner ask me which is the best penetrating sealer to use outdoors. My first response is always, “what are you trying to protect against”? Both types of sealers serve a purpose and should be used when applicable. But when we’re talking about outdoor surfaces, topical intrusion is the least of our concerns.

Sure, a good penetrating sealer is going to protect against topical staining; spill a glass of red wine and you’ll be able to wipe it right up without it discoloring the stone’s surface at all. Even neglected grout lines and tumbled surfaces are going to clean-up almost perfectly during restoration when a high quality penetrating sealer is applied properly. To better understand the need for two types of sealers you must understand what each of the sealers is protecting against and what type of protection that each sealer is providing. As we all know, a penetrating sealer does not completely seal off the surface of the stone or grout. In essence, what we’re doing by applying a penetrating sealer is giving us an opportunity to wipe of a spill before it becomes a stain. Providing stain resistance to our stone surfaces certainly has its benefits. And for the most part, sealing the stone or grout will keep the interior floors looking clean and vibrant as long as they are being maintained properly. However, when we’re sealing outdoors there are a whole new set of challenges that must be dealt with. High alkaline soils, UV damage, Efflorescence, and high acid rain are just a few of the issues that we run into while dealing with exterior surfaces. So what, if anything, can be done about sealing your stone surfaces outside? Penetrating sealers like, Clear Guard, Rapid Seal, or Select Seal are going to have limited benefits as the chances of dropping a plate of food or spilling a beverage are very unlikely.

In order to protect stone surfaces against the outdoor elements the right type of chemistry is going to be required. Modern Stone’s Preserve is the only sealer currently on the market that protects against the damage caused by Mother Nature. This is the same technology used to protect the stone monuments across the country and the marble Pillars built on the white house. Not only does sealing your exterior surfaces with the proper chemistry keep the stones looking vibrant and new, but it will also slow down the effects of efflorescence and other mineral damages. Having the ability to offer your clients this type of service and talk knowledgeably about the different types of protection and challenges when dealing outdoor installations will certainly make a good impression and might just land you the job.

Modern Stone creates Select Seal

Select Seal has become the newest addition to the Modern Stone line of sealers. Select Seal offers strong oil & water resistance to many types of porous surfaces at a moderate price point. It’s highly effective and economical design should make it the product of choice for contractors when compared to other offerings within this category.